Training Manager

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Job description

* Position Purpose 

Training Manager is responsible for planning, delivery and overall Training of the employees of THACO. Create a culture of continuous improvement by defining policy and procedure that will support a standard, stable and predictable environment. This position will manage resources and activities to ensure a timely and quality delivery of programs and services and ensures that employees are supported as required by business operations. 

Specifically, the Manager will be responsible for the following tasks/ responsibilities: 

* Principal Accountabilities:
1. Resource Management 
Coordinate the efforts of personnel to ensure effective curriculum development, training schedules and competency.
Define and deliver the direction of the team(s) to ensure alignment to organizational and personal goals.
Prioritizes work and responsibilities to ensure objectives and priorities are aligned with business initiatives.
Works with team members to create employee development plans to improve core competencies in alignment with organizational objectives. 
Provides yearly performance reviews, ongoing feedback, mentorship, coaching, follow-up, and direction for employees to exceed standards of performance.
Responsible for creating/approving and managing performance related action plans. 

2. Planning 
Responsible for creating/approving training approach and solutions to continuously educate our employee base. 
Responsible for maintaining a complete list of project(s), milestones, tasks to ensure that all relevant activities are accounted.
Stays abreast of technology trends and industry best practices. Proactively identifies opportunities to leverage technology, improve processes, and enhance vendor relationships to reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Establishes current and long-range strategies and setting team objectives in support of business initiatives. 
Responsible for proactively identifying resource gaps and identifying options to resolve gap.

3. Leadership 
Maintains a high-level understanding of business process and drivers. 
Work with business owners and assist with identifying and discussing the options available to them to achieve their objectives. 
Works effectively with all organizational levels while proactively strengthening relationships with customers. Understands and relates business needs in appropriate terms for team members. 
Coordinate and lead team meetings to ensure proper communication and prioritization is conveyed. 
Works proactively with other teams and customers to identify needs, developing appropriate business solutions and services where necessary.
Encourages teamwork through cooperative interaction with co-workers.

4. Training 
Evaluate Instructor performance and effectiveness of training programs.
Promote and advocate new mediums of training. Leverage technology and approach to effectively train users in an economical and efficient manner.
Design core training competencies within the department to specialize in different types of training mediums. 
Work closely with Business Owners to define training requirements for each role within the organization.

Job requirement

Job requirement

• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Business, Training, Education or related program is required; an advanced degree is preferred.
• A minimum of seven (7) years of experience in the areas of Training, Education or Employee Development is required. 
• A minimum of five (5) years of experience in directly managing resources.
• Strong Presentation and Project Management skills are required
• Ability to work with, understand and appreciate end user workflow is required.
• Ability to manage time effectively, set priorities and schedule activities is required
• Good written and oral communications skills
• Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
• Self-directed, self-motivated, self-starter able to work with minimal supervision

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